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What's Included​:

2 Books Jam packed with sample menu ideas, shopping lists, meal calendars, cost comparisons, tips, tricks and so much more!  Together, these books contain all the information you'll need to cook healthy and delicious meals while saving up to 80% of your time and up to 80% of your grocery money!

Book 1 - Using Homemade Mixes Without Getting Mixed Up!

  • 125+ HOMEMADE MIX RECIPES that include dry, freezer and refrigerator.

  • 450+ RECIPES that CORRELATE with the homemade mixes to SAVE both your TIME      & MONEY.

  • Mixes that are free from chemicals and MSG

  • Mixes to provide a Year's worth of meals with lots of variety with only 1-3 steps for almost every recipe!

Book 2 - Lists and Menus

  • CALENDAR MENUS FOR EACH WEEK OF THE YEAR for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These menus can also be used every year.

  • The BACK SIDE of EACH CALENDAR MENU contains the CORRESPONDING MIXES you'll use each week, and the GROCERY LIST.



  • UHM is written for a family of 4 

  • IF YOUR FAMILY has 1      , 2       or 3      cut the recipe quantity in half, if needed.

  • If your family has MORE than 4                          DOUBLE the recipe quantities, as needed.